Bronze 3rd Pentacle of Mercury for Success in Study

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The "Key of Solomon" is a grimoire of ceremonial magic attributed to King Solomon. God, impressed with Solomon's selfless pursuit of wisdom and justice, sent an angel to instruct him on a Sacred Art. Written down for the benefit of his son Rehoboam, the manuscript was later unearthed by Babylonian philosophers. The grimoire describes a series of planetary pentacles and the intentions and functions they serve. This talisman is said to "invoke the Spirits subject unto Mercury; and especially those who are written in this Pentacle." Mercury is associated with intellectual pursuits and is said to lend positive influence to activities such as studying. It contains the mystical Characters of Mercury, and the names of the Angels: Kokaviel, Gheoriah, Savaniah, and Chokmahiel. Talismans of Mercury are best dedicated to use on Wednesday within the first hour after sunrise. Pass the pendant through incense smoke having Mercurial affinity, such as lavender or bergamot.

  • Measures 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm) in diameter
  • Solid jewelers bronze
  • Single sided design
  • Information card included
Solomonic Magic